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The programme has been put together by the team at The Super Generation. We work with over 10,000 students each year helping them improve their study skills and increase their exam performance. We have some of the leading experts in the field of accelerated learning and have distilled all our knowledge into our online programme. Below are some short descriptions of the people involved in the development of the programme.

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The Super Generation is a leading supplier of seminars on study and motivational skills to students, teachers and parents in second and third level education. The seminars focus on teaching the learning and motivational skills needed for students to perform in their exams. Working with over 10,000 students annually they focus on teaching students how to learn, or more importantly how they learn best. The skills they teach have transformed they way thousands of students approach their exam preparation. 




Philip, a co-founder and director of The Super Generation is a qualified secondary teacher and taught for 10 years in Naas CBS and St. David’s CBS, Artane. He is the first Buzan Licenced Instructor in Mind Mapping in the Republic of Ireland. He is a Licenced NLP Practitioner, having received his training from the founder of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler. For the past number of  years he has been the managing director of examCRAFT. He holds an MSc in Computer Applications for Education from Dublin City University and an MBA from the Warwick University. 



Raymond is a qualified accountant (ACCA), qualified financial advisor (QFA) and a finance coach. He completed Enterprise Ireland’s Hothouse Programme for young entrepreneurs and was a finalist in the PDC Innovation awards in 2007. He has also appeared on the TV show, Dragons’ Den. Raymond has dedicated his life to learning and besides his academic qualifications he has attended various seminars on personal development with internationally renowned authors and speakers. He is now a speaker with The Super Generation where he coaches young people on reaching their best.



Brenda Morgan has over ten years’ teaching experience and holds an MEd from University College Cork. The title of her thesis was ‘21st Century Teaching Methods for 21st Century Students’. She has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of accelerated and advanced learning strategies and is currently the only Photo Reading & Advanced Learning Instructor in Ireland. She is a Specialist in Optimum Focus and Concentration Mind States, a Certified Mind Mapper and Certified in NLP. She is a founder and director of The Morgan Institute and is now a director of The Super Generation.



Padraig is a licensed NLP practitioner and holds a Masters in Innovation and Creativity Management. He is co-founder of The Super Generation and has delivered learning seminars to over 10,000 students, teachers and parents. He has co-authored two books with Philip O’Callaghan, Make It Happen: A Success Guide for Teenagers and Making a Difference: Stories of Inspirational Teachers. He is a speed reader, mind mapper, memory expert and is a Certified Thinking Instructor for the School of Thinking.

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