The study and learning skills programme teaches you how to get better results in less time and have fun while you’re doing it. This study and learning skills programme shows you how to plan your study in the most effective way. It shows you exactly what you do from the moment you sit down at your desk to the moment you finish. You will learn the importance of review and when best to do it. You will learn many different study skills techniques to accelerate your learning including mind mapping, visual note taking, the most effective memory techniques for facts, figures, languages and much much more. Once you complete the study and learning skills programme you will be able to excel in your exams. For more information please click on study and learning skills programmes.


The study and learning skills programme comprises 13 videos with interactive lessons at the end of each. You can watch the study and learning skills videos at any time on any device and you can get regular reports on your progress. Each video and lesson takes 5-10 minutes to complete. They can be done in one sitting but are most beneficial if spread out over a 1 -2 week period. All the skills taught are easy to use and can be implemented immediately.

Individuals can purchase direct access to the study and learning skills programme and multi-user licences are available for schools and colleges. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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    Study Skills for Students

    Do you find you get distracted when you try to study? Find it hard to get the motivation you need? Are you facing end of term exams? Then we have the answer. The programme teaches all you need to know to be become an effective learner. Each lesson has interactive exercises to keep you motivated […]

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    Study Skills for Parents

    Is your child struggling when it comes to study? Are they finding it hard to stay focused and to concentrate? Do you struggle to get them motivated to put in the time? With our programme you can give them the skills and motivation they need. You will also get access to the programme so you […]

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    Study Skills for Teachers

    The programme is designed for all age groups from secondary school (high school) right through to college and beyond. Class groups, year group or whole school licences are available. Each group can be assigned a teacher who can monitor and track the performance of each student. Click on Shop Now to get prices for different […]

The programme will help you to get better results in half the time it takes the average student.

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